Where do you find your inspiration?

The sun comes up and goes down everyday. We put one foot in front of the other. And many of the things we do are habits, routines or tasks. To undertake the mundane ones, we don’t usually require inspiration (motivation is a different story!). But what about the other things. The more challenging ones. You know the one where you pull out all the procrastinations, excuses and creative avoidance methods you can muster. We all do it. Inspiration can help us to overcome barrier’s to life such as this. But that isn’t all. Inspiration can help us change the course of our life, take a new career direction, change our lifestyle, mindset or just to live.

Inspiration comes to us, bringing what we need most. It’s a call to action. Action of the mind, body or spirit. Sometimes we find inspiration in the strangest of places. It can be in a person, an idea an article or even on TV. It doesn’t matter where you find it. It’s what you do with that inspiration that counts. Inspiration without action is just a dream. When you combine inspiration with action, you create your own reality. Whether it be career, health, fitness, lifestyle, hobby, travel or family life, inspiration can be life changing.

Different people seek their inspiration in different places; music, playing with your children, going for a run, reading a book or even just a quiet cup of coffee.

It’s a cold and miserable winter here in Victoria. Some would say it’s hard to find inspiration. I know that there are lots of people that have crawled under the doona and don’t intend to come out until spring, hibernation style. I get it. Some days that’s all I feel like doing. But then I find inspiration and get moving.

Don’t wait until spring to find you inspiration because you could miss 3 months of fitness. 3 months of health. 3 months of feeling great. 3 months of fun. 3 months of life. And you won’t get it back.

So go and get inspired anyhow and anyway then take action. Find your inspiration to get things done in your style and way. And live….