As of 11.59pm Tuesday 27th October, restrictions change in Metroplitan Melbourne. For further information on these restrictions please go to www.dhhs.vic.gov.au . Being in some form of restrictions or lockdown over the last 6 months has meant we have had to change our business significantly and as restrictions ease, it doesn’t mean the changes are over. In fact with the easing of restrictions, we have greater conditions we need to meet to ensure your safety. These measure include:

  • Initial move to outdoor classes which will them move to indoor on November 9th
  • A limit of 10 per classes. This limit will continue for adults beyond the 9th November.
  • The requirement for bookings for all classes and sessions
  • The need to keep a track or register or all attendees for contract tracing purposes.
  • The need to maintain physical distance
  • The need to wear masks if you are not training
  • Maintenance of appropriate health and safety protocols
  • Following our COVID Safe Plan
  • A nominated COVID marshal

Please find attached our timeline for transition.