Roadmap out of Restrictions

There is no doubt that the last 6 months have been the hardest and most challenging time of our current generations. The uncertainty, the physical and mental stress of lockdown and the knowledge that what we do as individuals impacts on so many as a collective in one way or another. The loss of motivation due to the feeling that we no longer have control over our lives is an very hard thing to overcome.

At Titans, we regularly talk about the fact that motivation is fleeting and required external drive. Instead we try and focus on discipline and intrinsic drive. Discipline requires that you take control of life. You commit to making a change or do something because you know that in the long run, it is what’s best for you or will take you where you want to go. If you live with discipline, you breed habit. Habit breeds change. Change and results due to your own discipline and commitment will then continue to drive you forward in constant and never-ending improvement.

So it’s time to take control of the things you can control. It’s time to decide what you want and ask yourself what you need to to to get there and be disciplined about those steps. It’s time to change the things you can change. To help with your planning, write stuff down, keep yourself accountable. If you need to, tell someone else about your goals because putting it out there in the real world can help you to keep yourself accountable.

We will be here at Titans, beside you, in every way we can. Just because you can’t be in the gym with us, doesn’t mean we aren’t here, cheering you on. Start your planning now. So that when we come together, we can share our stories. Here is our path out of lockdown. Every step brings us closer. Every day brings us closer. See you soon.