Self Defence

The ability to defend yourself has never been so important.

As much as we hate to admit it, society is ever-changing. The risk to people’s safety is increasing. In a Utopian society, safety would not be an issue…and it wouldn’t be necessary to learn how to defend yourself. But unfortunately that is not the case and we encourage everybody to learn how to defend themselves.

At Titans, we learn the art of taekwondo and boxing. A critical part of the taekwondo syllabus is self defence. It is a regular weekly inclusion in our classes because repetition is critical to building muscle memory.

We understand however that not everybody may want to learn the art of taekwondo, but may want to learn how to defend themselves. Titans offers regular Self Defence sessions – particularly for women and girls.

We also are available for corporate, community or school workshops to discuss safety and teach self defence. Contact us today to find out more about or Self Defence workshops.

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