Other Programs

Titans offer a range of other fitness programs to suit all ages, interests and fitness levels. Teaching skills in areas ranging from strength conditioning, to confidence and self-esteem building programs, to industry-focussed instructor training and self-defence courses and workshops for individuals and groups.

Pre-season and In-season Team Training

Our experienced head instructor Nick is heavily involved in the strength and conditioning training of a number of football teams from around Melbourne.

School and Preschool Programs

As a member of the local Diamond Creek community, Titans recognizes the importance of developing the confidence and self-esteem of children.

Instructor Training

Our Head Instructor Nick is an accredited boxing and taekwondo coach with a background in high level coaching at a state, national and international level.

Self Defence

Titans offers regular Self Defence sessions – particularly for women and girls, as well as corporate, community or school workshops to discuss safety and teach self-defence.