‘Life requires movement’ ~ Aristotle (Lockdown 2.0)

So here we are again, thrown into lockdown for the second time. This time around we have an opportunity. Yes, it’s going to be challenging, but it’s an opportunity. It’s rare that we get to apply 20/20 hindsight (see what I did there with the 20/20!). We’ve done lockdown before. We’ve isolated ourselves and got through it. OK, so towards the end of Term 2 it started to get a bit messy, but we still got through it. What could you do to make it easier this time around? Perhaps relax more, stress less about home-learning, or maybe pay less attention to the rubbish being posted on social media (because let’s face it – they’re only highlights not lowlights of peoples lives).

Here at Titans we are trying our best to learn from the good points and the not so good points about last Term. We did our best with online classes. They went well, as did the grading we had that was like no other we’ve had before. We used the opportunity presented to us last term to build an entirely new website that are launch today. It’s different from the temporary add-on online website we used last term. This new website is our actual normal website but upgraded to include a members are, for Taekwondo, Fitness and Boxing members. If you are enrolled with us, then you will automatically get access to these resources. In the Taekwondo section no matter what belt you are, you now have access to ALL taekwondo resources. Having these members areas means that we can upload newsletters, forms and documents as well as videos and photos.

What else are we doing differently with Lockdown 2.0? We’ve added in another online class. So in addition to being able to use any of the video’s in the members area to supplement your training, you can Zoom with us 3 times a week. We are also hoping to throw a couple of guest instructors in there if we can organise it. To access your videos and Zoom class link just login to the members area with your username and password we have sent you.

As far as our online fitness classes go, we have made a few tweaks here and there. The main change is that we offer a subscription based membership for those who want it and we are now providing the same one stop ‘shop’ for all of your LIVE zoom classes and recorded video library need, Once again, all accessible via the Fitness Members area on the website.

We also have Personal Training Services available with our two Instructors – Carolyn and Nick. Because we know that this time will be harder and face to face interaction is sometimes a necessary therapy. In looking for the opportunities in this second round, we must also acknowledge that it won’t be easy. It won’t be easy to stay motivated. It won’t be easy to stay happy all the time. It won’t be easy to school your children, be a parent and work at the same time. But we need to put that aside. Create routines. Routines create habits. Good habits contribute to good health. Mental and physical health. Set aside time. A little bit of time each day to get some fresh air and 3-4 times a week for some higher intensity exercise. You will feel so much better for it. Don’t let your kids become complacent because it seems to hard. It’s not. There are so many options for exercise out there. If you are in a funk, talk to someone. Talk to family, friends or the dog! Even organisations such as Headspace and Beyond Blue are great options. But know that you are not alone.

Now is the time for the Titans community to come together. Support local business, support your friends, check on loved ones. But don’t forget to check on yourself. Physical and mental health interdependent. One relies on the other. So write down your routine. Recruit someone to keep you accountable if you aren’t the best at keeping yourself accountable. Hey – message us, we’ll keep you accountable. But whatever you do. Just move. Because ‘Life requires Movement’ ~ Aristotle