I’m not gonna tell you what to do…

…it’s your life. But there is so much information on health and fitness out there, you almost need a personal assistant though to sort through and filter out the rubbish. When I say rubbish, it’s a broad definition. You need to recognise what’s bullsh*t, what’s opinion and what’s fact. I’ll make it easy for you. Let me filter that crap for you right now and give you FACTS and then you can make up our own mind about how to live your own life:

FACT #1 – There is no such thing as a bikini body

Every body is a different shape and size. If you eat have a well balanced eating regime (including allowances for the odd drink or packet of tim tams) and you exercise, then the body you are in is PERFECT. There is no one size fit all. Wear whatever the hell you want, whether it be a bikini, one piece, mankini or mumu. If you wear it with confidence, you will rock it.

FACT #2 – Spring is not the time to get in shape for summer

Be in shape, stay fit and eat well all year round my friends. Let me tell you, if you keep a fitness routine going throughout the colder months, you won’t feel like you need to work off that ‘winter coat’. Furthermore, you can avoid those winter blues by working out and keeping the endorphins flowing.

FACT #3 – Fitness fads are fleeting

Oh wow, I could write about this all day. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these fitness fads aren’t fun or don’t get results, but the shine wears off pretty quick for many of them. I won’t name names, but don’t get sucked in to thinking that these ‘different’ approaches will provide instant results, or magically give you abs overnight. The same can be said for magic pills, fantasy diets and voodoo. Good old fashioned exertion and sweat is the most common way to get results. The type of exertion is up to you, which leads me to….

FACT #4 – There is more than one way to get fit

Low intensity, high intensity, long sessions, short sessions, interval, continuous, strength, cardio and resistance. Errmahgawd! No wonder the world is confused. So much science. So much jargon. So much expertise. In my humble opinion, although they all get great results, different types of exercise suit different people. Sure, I can hear some of you now sitting on the couch exercising your thumb on the remote and your right bicep with a cool bevvy shouting ‘Hallelujah’. But that’s perhaps understating exercise a little bit. What I mean is your choice of exercise should take into account your body type, the sort of results you are looking for and MOST IMPORTANTLY (and I can’t stress this enough), what you enjoy most. If you enjoy swimming, don’t think that just because some science tells you you should be doing high intensity interval training that you should be. If you enjoy lifting weights, (whilst yes, you could benefit from cardio, you could also benefit from a personal chef and housekeeper), then lift weights. Just have realistic expectations about what your output will be. For example you won’t get eye popping muscles from power walking, but you will improve your cardio and burn fat. There is enough information out there for you to determine what you need to do to get the results that you want. Just try to align it with something you will enjoy so that you will be able to maintain you routine.

FACT #5 – You don’t need to be fit to do a fitness class

Arrrggghhh. How many times have fitness instructors out there heard “I just need to get my fitness level up a bit so I can do that boxing class”? And how many people out there have used this as a reason to avoid a class themselves? Those of you who know me, know that I always have a laugh at this one. Newsflash peops…THAT’S WHAT FITNESS CLASSES ARE FOR. If you want to do a fitness class, just do it. No one is watching you or judging you for your level of fitness. They are all there to do just what you are, focus on themselves and get fit! And you gotta start somewhere. As sad as it may be however,  there are some gyms out there that tolerate behaviour that belittles, intimidates or makes some patrons feel insecure. If you are at a gym that makes you feel this way, then you may wish to consider finding somewhere that you feel more comfortable. There are plenty of wonderful places out there. Visit them before you sign up, speak to the people and even ask for a free trial. This should get you a good feel for the place and whether you belong.

THE FINAL MESSAGE: Don’t let opinions and overwhelming fountains of information disuade you from being the fit and healthy person you want to be. Decide what is right for you based on who you are (physically and mentally), what you like and what you want for yourself. If you need help, motivation or guidance, seek it from a professional and someone that you trust.