Adults Boxing

Titans offers boxing classes for those individuals purely looking for a casual, amateur or professional boxing training experience. Our set up offers in the ring’ training experience complete with punching bags, pads and floor-ceiling balls.

Amateur boxing is an Olympic Sport governed by Boxing Australia and Boxing Victoria in our state of Victoria. All of our coaches are either current or former fighters and coaches themselves, so can offer experience and knowledge. Professional (Pro) Boxing is technically similar to Amateur Boxing by not subject to the same governing body. The Australian National Boxing Federation is the sanctioning body for Australian title contests, and is considered the peak body for professional boxing in Australia.

Titans can offer preparation for both Amateur and Pro Boxers. We also offer boxing fitness only – please see our Fitness Programs for fitness only.

Boxing sessions are held Monday-Thurs: 5.30pm-6.30pm and run in an informal manner where boxers are responsible for their own warm up and preparation.